Le cabinet Henri LECLERC & Associés intervient notamment dans les secteurs du droit pénal, du droit des affaires, du droit de la presse, de la propriété intellectuelle, du droit de la famille et du droit social, que ce soit pour la défense des particuliers ou pour la défense des entreprises.

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 SCP Henri LECLERC & Associates is a law firm practicing in the form of a professional non-trading company, and a member of the Paris Bar since 1972.
The firm of Henri LECLERC & Associates acts notably in the following fields: criminal law, business, law, law of the press, intellectual property law, domestic relations law and labour law, both on behalf of individuals and companies.

In criminal law matters, the firm may represent you before the various investigating jurisdictions (investigating magistrate, judge for release and detention, investigating division) or jurisdictions that render judgments (police court, original criminal court, court of assize, criminal appeals division). SCP Henri LECLERC & Associates also defends clients before specialised judgment and investigating jurisdictions (juvenile judge, children’s court, court of assize for minors, court for the application of penalties, etc.)

The firm’s attorneys may be appointed to act at all stages of criminal proceedings, notably, during custody and investigation or directly before the courts pronouncing judgments, regardless of the type of infraction (contraventions, misdemeanours, felonies) or the penalty incurred (criminal reclusion, imprisonment, fines, daily fines, penalties that restrict freedoms). 

 The firm of Henri LECLERC & Associates acts notably in the following areas :

                  - public criminal law
                  - business criminal law
                  - criminal law of the press 
                  - data processing criminal law
                  -  labour criminal law
                  - consumer criminal law
                  - penitentiary law  (execution of penalties)
                  - financial criminal law
                  - medical criminal law
                  - environmental criminal law
                  - tax criminal law 
                  -victims rights
                  - infringement
In addition to these traditional sectors the firm is also specialised in data processing law, new technologies law, and the protection of personal data and privacy.

All the attorneys of the firm of SCP Henri LECLERC are members of the Paris Bar and can represent you before all French courts. They may also assist you before the disciplinary bodies of penitentiary establishments or arbitral commissions, as well as before the Councils of the various professions.